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A true home theater experience can take you to a whole different world, a place where you are in the movie, taking part in the action as if it was happening in front of your very own eyes. Our dedicated home theaters will provide you with just that, a realistic experience while watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite game, and let’s not forget the great surround sound!

However, to achieve this level of entertainment, you need the right people doing the right job. Here at Internet Technologies we have just that, from professional technicians to experienced installers, we will make sure your dedicated home theater or media room is the best in the neighborhood.

Price is not a problem either. We will work with you to reach a price that is comfortable to you and that still provides the quality performance and entertainment you deserve.

Room design is another item you won’t have to worry about. We will work with your designer to place the equipment you need in the right place while making the room look like a five star movie theater. We also do everything from start to finish, leaving you with a turn key system.

Automation will also play a big part in your dedicated movie theater. You will be able to control the lights, sound and video from the palm of your hand or the wall by using a panel or an iPad.

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